So it’s the Big 4-0

I guess turning 40 is supposed to be a sad or depressing time or at least some people see it that way. I can remember my mom turning 40 and the people at work got her a cake with a tombstone that said “Lordy, Lordy Cleo’s 40” and my young mind couldn’t grasp why that was such a big deal. I still honestly kind of wonder why it is a big deal. I mean, I feel kind of renewed in a lot of ways lately. Kind of like my best years are right in front of me. I still have a lot of things to work on, but working on myself these last few months has REALLY made a difference in my mindset.

I haven’t been reporting my progress like I should, but have been keeping up with my Daily10 each day. I keep finding tweaks and changes to make them work better for me. They have, for the most part, become such a habit that I haven’t been keeping up with the “streaks” like I was when I started all of this. So with this being my birthday, this is as good a day as any to restart the tracking with “Day 1” and get back to posting about my wins and losses. I may even start treating this more as a journal-type thing than sporadic posts since I already journal daily anyways, we will see how that goes.

A Renewed Vision

One thing that has greatly been on my mind with my “coming of age” is what I want to leave for the world. This blog is mostly for me and for my own sense of accomplishment through hoping to inspire someone else. But it is still only about me in a sense. I do help people every day with different types of insurance and financial products. IF the time comes that life insurance, disability, or critical illness policies are needed, they will be glad they met with me but hopefully those people never have to use it. My customers use their health insurance every day, but who thinks of their agent when their doctor bill gets paid? This has really had me doing some soul-searching on my focus moving forward.

I definitely want to keep doing (almost) everything that I am now as far as vocationally. But, I also REALLY want to focus on the Debt Free Life product that I am a representative with. I mean it is something that almost everyone can use as almost everybody has debt. Even someone without any debt could benefit from the guaranteed growth and “becoming your own bank” aspect of this program.

With that being said, I want to make it my “mission” to introduce my program to enough people to help pay off $250 MILLION in debt. Not in a year or 5 years by any means but since we are on average $250k in debt, I will have to help 1,000 households through this program. That’s just under 40 a year, working through retirement age, which is very doable.

I also hope to introduce other agents, advisors, and even hire new ones to expand that mission. This sounds like a mlm or “get rich quick” scheme, but it’s not. It’s math, albeit not simple, which is why I have software to break it down into a system anyone can understand and follow.

That’s enough for today, I just wanted to let you all know as you may see “cross-posts” between what I am doing in my life as well as how my Debt Free Life program can help others. Remember, reaching greatness means reaching your potential in every area of your life which will include finances so I am not off the mark of my original intentions.

As always, thank you all for reading and for the birthday wishes!

40 is the new 25 right?

Loved my cake this year!

“Decaday” 2 in the books!

So I have come to the end of my 2nd 10-day cycle. To be honest, it didn’t go quite like I would have liked, but it’s in the books now and I am moving forward with a plan to keep progressing.

The first thing I want to focus on is the vocational side of life. I spent a lot of time the past 10 days doing the annual enrollment for one of my larger voluntary benefit groups. Service is a big part of my business so I am in no way complaining about that time spent, but now to refocus on my Debt Free Life agency insurance sales while finding the right people to help pursue and fulfill my vision of introducing others to this industry that has been so good to me these past 8 years. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to learn how to earn extra income and TRULY have the desire to help others.

As far as my other domains. I did excellent with my workout regimen, though the meals could have been better to match that routine. I got to spend much needed time with my family and play with my little girl. Her and her mama are a huge part of my happiness. I completed my Miracle Morning each day to take care of my spiritual, emotional, and intellectual needs.

I must say, I had some anxiety issues a couple of days this week which I really struggled with at times. Funny how that can creep up on you when you think you have everything under control. But sometimes the right thing comes along at the right time and I heard a very interesting take on anxiety and nervousness. I wish I would saved where I heard this, it was on a playlist of motivational speeches on YouTube. I was listening on the way into town this morning but then had a phone call and got sidetracked. But anyways, the speaker was talking about how reporters always ask Olympians if they’re nervous. And most of them say, “not nervous but excited!” The premise of the whole video was, nerves, anxiety, and excitement all give our bodies the same physical response. Elevated heart rate, anticipation, maybe sweating, etc.. So what if we can re-frame that feeling as excitement and use it as fuel? I feel like this is a great concept that I will definitely be implementing in the coming days.

As far as my “after action review” for the past ten days, here is where I stand. I will START searching with new avenues for the people to align myself with to grow my business. I will STOP letting anxiety control my ability to complete my daily 10, and re-frame it as excitement to use for fuel to achieve my daily goals. I will KEEP grinding each day to get better in every area of my life. It’s only been 20 days that I have been more focused, and will be laser focused more and more in the days to come.

As always, THANK YOU for following along, reaching out with encouragement, and walking each step on my path. If you haven’t followed me on social media, I try to spread inspiration each day on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Make the next 10 days phenomenal!!!

Decaday 1.5- halfway through my second Decaday

Man! Some days just seem to lay speed bump after speed bump right? And it wasn’t even anything overly “bad” today either. A meeting went long, I sat on hold with a carrier for 45 minutes, A customer showed up 30 minutes early and took much longer than I had planned for (which lead to scheduling a follow-up to finish), and a few other unplanned interruptions… really nothing “bad.”

So why am I telling you this?

I have started to have people mention seeing what I’m doing with this blog. Some find it inspiring, some say “what $&@! is that !@&$ you keep posting about?”, and of course there are always critics. Don’t get me wrong, nobody has been mean about it. But I have got, “I don’t see how you find time to do those 10 extra things each day.”

First off, it’s not “extra things.” It’s implementing daily HABITS in a manner that will culminate to reaching my full potential. We don’t consider bathing, brushing our teeth, or changing our clothes an extra thing right? These are daily habits that we do without even thinking about.

That’s what I want my Daily 10 to become. Habits that I do without even thinking about. Routines that are just as natural and embedded in my spirit as driving to the office. And then developing a team of people in my business to have similar habits that become a part of their nature- to help them reach their potential. And they will spread these habits to people they bring into the business, an so on and so on.

Think about Chick-fil-A employees. You can visit one of their locations anywhere and say “thank you” for something to an employee. It has become embedded in their nature for their response to be “my pleasure.” So much so that these employees will carry not only that saying into other areas of their life, but also that positivity. And positivity is something that desperately needs to be spread!

So back to my day…

Although these speed bumps were laid out for me throughout the day, I still not only “managed” to complete my daily 10, I intentionally exceeded the minimum in several of the domains. Yes, I do skip watching the morning news so I can meditate, read, and other things to work on myself. No, I’m not playing “bubble gum popper” or another game on my phone to pass time during the day. Ok, so I slip occasionally, but it’s progress not perfection right? But I know by shifting this mindset and creating these habits, I will be where I want to be at the end of my 1,000 days.

We all have to start somewhere! Visit to see how I am starting.

Today Was Hard… But Good – Day 8

My day got off to a very bumpy start to say the least. To give you some context, here is how my workday morning routine usually goes and why I a able to clear half of my Daily 10 before leaving for work:

5:30am- wake up/brush teeth/down water
5:35am- reading 25-30 minutes
6:00am- affirmations/visualizations
6:10am- morning gratitude/journaling
6:20am- meditation/prayer
6:35am- workout prep and warmup
6:50am- strength training (or cardio or whatever is scheduled that day)
7:50am- cool down/shower/protein
8:00am- prep for the workday

I am currently on a 4-day split and today was back/bicep/abs. I warmed up with dead-lifts and then started my first working set of dead-lifts. 5 reps into my last set, I felt a little tweak in my lower back that made me drop the weight immediately. This is the second time this has happened in the last couple months, and I know exactly what it means… Trips to the chiropractor and taking it easy for a few days. I was determined not to let this get me down, so pushed through the rest of my workout and got the rest of the routine knocked off. Anyone with back issues knows that, while I was able to ride the adrenaline to finish the workout, my back was going to get worse as the day went on.

Back pain aside, I had 2 people no-show me on Zoom appointments. Followed by the third appointment of the day rescheduling me when I got there. Amazing how things happen, the first three dials I mad today all set with me, so my vocational intentions played out well. In fact, I still hit ALL of my daily 10 by pushing through the pain.

Maybe I am obsessed with completing what I need to in each domain and if I thought I was truly injured, I would not have pushed through the day. Or at least not the rest of the workout. I keep coming back to this repeating theme that through pain, self discipline, and perseverance, I will achieve my greatness.

This is why I do this

Halfway through my first 10-day cycle

…and still going strong! I’ll never name names on anything I do, but someone messaged me and asked “how do you find the time to read, and meditate, and get all 10 things done every day? Honestly, it’s nothing new for a good part of my Daily 10. One of the most valuable lessons I learned was to front-end loss the start of my day with working on myself. Pick up Hal Elrod’s book, “The Miracle Morning”, it will teach you and motivate you to develop your own morning routine. One of my current mentors, Mike Colburn, has said over and over, “if you can control your first hour, you can control the entire day.” Creating the right habits and routines is really what it’s all about. Robert Collier taught many years ago….

Words to live by