Halfway through my first “hectoday”

50 days in. Wow! how time flies! I am halfway through my first 100 day cycle, and have really made strides in some life domains, but still continue to struggle in others. I do keep in mind though that this is a marathon, not a sprint. Getting to reset every 10 days is hugely helpful psychologically. At least it is for me. Here is an overview of where I am…

What I am, and what I am not…YET

So, I found out the hard way that I am not a runner yet, and wasn’t ready to go head-first into the “Couch to 5K” program. In fact, it was more like face-first. I did well with the first 2 weeks of the program, I did miss a day but made it up. Then the third week came, and with it came these 3-minute jogging “bursts”. And my body rejected this challenge. The minute bursts the first week were tough, especially when walking was the extent of my cardio up until this. Then the minute and a half bursts in week 2 were really hard. By the 90 second mark, my lungs were on fire and I my breath was heaving to get oxygen into my system. Then it doubled to 3 minutes in week 3. I barely made it past 2 minutes when I started struggling to keep going. I tried to find that “second wind,” but my body wasn’t having it. My left quad cramped up and shut that second wind back down. I tried to bend my leg and stretch the cramp, but lost my balance and ended up in the grass. Yes, I warmed up and stretched before starting, and yes I did laugh at myself for what would have had to have been amusing if anyone had seen it. I do plan to restart the program and repeat the first two weeks again though. Then I will see how that third week works out next round.

Excellent Beginnings…

My morning routine is really dialed in. I won it for the past 9 days straight. It really does make a difference in how your day goes, and how I feel going into my day. I knock out most of my Daily 10 in the first hour of my day and love starting each day with a win. I feel really accomplished in that area and am trying to carry that into the rest of my day. I am now working on a better “work-day startup” ritual for the first 30 minutes I am at my office. Like a “pre-shot” warm-up to set up my day. I will let you know how that progresses in coming posts.

So How’s Work?

I am really excited about things coming down the pike with work, as well as the progress I am making on myself. It has been slow to come, or slower than I had hoped, but I feel like I am getting more and more back to my old self each day. It’s not the things at work that are getting me there so much, but the things that I do in other domains to build my mind (and even body) to get back to success. Plus the company that I get some of my contracts through gave us all a 10% raise effective August 1, which even further solidifies that I am where I need to be in that aspect. The insurance industry has been very good to me and will continue to be once I put in the work to give back to those I work with, both as clients and business partners.

After Action Review?

Normally this is where I talk about what I will “Keep, Start, and Stop” doing in the coming days, but I have something else on my mind. Plus, it’s really not any different than the last update. Seems like we are all going through so much right now. So much turmoil. So much disagreement amount so many different things. I can’t get on social media without seeing arguments over acceptable vernacular, proper protection for each other, politics, or whatever the cause may be. I see so many who are passionately taking their stances. I see those who are suffering because of others actions. I want everyone to think, no matter your stance on the different things going on in the world, the words below from John Tew:

Thank you for reading and make it a great decaday!

Four “Decadays” Down

I am writing this update a day later than usual, mainly because I let the weekend get the better of me. So much so that I used up two of my “off-days” (technically one from decaday 4 and one from decaday 5 as I write this) which now leaves me with only 5 left for the next 58 Days. I knew things like this could happen, and I did plan for it. However, I also know that there is going to be a LOT happen in the coming weeks that is going to really test my focus on improving myself. I wouldn’t change the things that are coming for the world, but it won’t just be about me for the next few weeks for sure.

The thing about failure is what do you do with it? I am a big football fan, and just like in any sport, the best players are the ones who go back out after a busted play and set up a big win for their team. Like the quarterback that throws an interception and goes back out the next offensive play and hits a big pass or even touchdown. But it takes practice, which may be the theme of my first 100 days. To fail and get back up for the next play, over and over again. I mean it’s not that I am bombing every domain, but some days I am STILL only getting the minimum required in. I will keep pushing though until those minimums turn into maximums, it’s all about progress. It’s just important that I at least hit my minimums each day.

So how did it go this round?

Honestly, quite well. I completed all of my “BLS Year One” strength training days, and start the Couch to 5k program. Most days I did well with those too, but did miss one due to a heavy rain and then the holiday. I know, excuses, but too late to change it now. I spent quality time with my family. I made small strides vocationally and finished the “decaday” with a new commitment to those I work with. I spent time with loved ones, and nailed my morning routine most days.

Then I woke up on the 4th and thought to myself, “it’s a holiday; a little extra sleep won’t hurt!” Four hours later it was almost noon, I had housework to do (among other things) so I blew off my morning routine. I ended up making up a few things later that day, but just didn’t get into the grove really. It is quite remarkable how something so simple as routines can have such an impact on your day. Then that night, I wasn’t tired at all. The 12 hour sleep from the night before had me wide awake, so I stayed up watching TV (which I RARELY do) and slept through my morning routine again the next day. Both day’s failures were from OLD habits and as we all know old habits die hard. The good thing is that I was back on my game this morning, though I was so tired in the afternoon from the change up in my sleep pattern. Scientist say that going to bed and waking up at the same time every day is the healthiest way to rest, and MAN do I believe it!

After Action Review

For these next 10 days, I still want to stay focused on the two parts of my life that I feel like I am struggling the most with, physical and vocational. I want to START a new apprenticeship or partnership program for new insurance agents, like I did in my early days as a manager. I honestly think that teaching others will also help me to get back to where I was and want to be as a productive agent. I want to STOP making excuses and finding reasons not to follow through with planned exercises, routines, or whatever the case may be. I want to keep reporting here, my successes and failures, and hope that you all continue to offer tidbits of advice, motivation, and encouragement along the way. I really cannot thank those who reach out with comments or privately enough!!!

Photo of the Decaday…