My First “Decaday”

Or “Dekaday” depending on how you want to spell it. Either way, I finished my first 10 day cycle yesterday. And man, was I fired up today to get to “reset”. Getting to mark off that first set of days and start fresh today was invigorating for my motivation!

I talk about it in this video:

And now to keep moving. I do an “after action review” each week, which is something I learned in a Michael Hyatt book. Just like the military does after a training excersise, I write down “what worked, what didn’t, what will I keep doing, what will I stop doing, etc..” There are several things, but here is what I want to share:

I will KEEP pushing to get my Daily 10 done each day. The small wins of checking each off is already building confidence that will pour over into other things I struggle with.

I will IMPROVE the “quality” of my Daily 10. What I mean by this is that I will strive to do more than just the minimums in each domain. I particularly want to improve this in my vocational domain as it is an area that really needs improvement.

There’s something about starting over…

I can’t tell you how excited I was to jump out of bed this morning and start my morning ritual. Breaking down my habits this way truly breathed life into them again, even the ones I have been implementing for longer than just 10 days. I know this is just the first experience in this, but it was exciting and I can’t wait to see how this part of it progresses.

Thank you all for following along this past 10 days and let’s keep it going!