Sunday, Sunday… Day 6

Through out my life, Sundays have always been “a day of rest.” Or a day to rest by going out to eat and walk around car lots when I was younger and going out with my parents. My parents rarely missed Sunday service until the last few years of their life when my mother began having health issues. Even then, I would come visit every Sunday and bring them dinner from somewhere, usually Cracker Barrel. I really miss those days with them, and hope to make some form of that tradition with my family for years to come.

I still completed my Daily 10 today. I did something different for my “vocational domain” though that I will likely start doing each Sunday. I recorded these “voice drops” (which is like those pre-recorded messages that you get in your voicemail) and sent them out to people who have recently applied to independent sales positions that are available though the insurance marketing organization that I partner with. It basically told them to check their email for a corporate overview and link to schedule an introductory call. I know this isn’t as effective as reaching out personally, but if I am going to free the day for family time in the future, I need some form of progress each day in my vocation.

Avocation was another big area for me today. Many of you know I have this Jeep that I call “Janie the Jeep”, and she is one of my hobbies. I am doing different projects on this thing all the time. Avocation is huge part of a balanced life, so today, Janie got a bath…

My 2015 Jeep Wrangler
“Janie the Jeep”

I hope today was an awesome day for you all and I hope each of you are reaching for your goals in every area of your life as well!