Day 4 and my first snag… sort of

First I want to say that I did still manage to hit all my “Daily 10” so I’m not really off track yet. Today did not go as planned at all though. Not to go into great detail, but stomach issues cut my workout time short this morning, so I made up my missed weight training with some cardio. I did get my mediation, reading, visualizations and everything else done before I headed out, so half my Daily 10 was done before leaving the house. I had a no-show appointment but used that time to call a carrier about a claim issue. I did get to spend time with my family mid-day as well as help someone chose a Medicare policy. But because I didn’t lift this morning, I don’t get my usual caffeine jolt from my pre-workout drink, so I came home this evening with an absolutely busting headache. A couple Excedrin and what was meant to be closing my eyes until it kicked in was a 2 hour nap, so I missed the extra prospecting time I had set aside for the day.

This is a complete contradiction to yesterday’s post, and I’ve got to say I’m a little embarrassed to literally slip the day after committing to changing my mindset to “going to failure”. I guess I’m a way I did go to failure today, just a lot sooner than I had meant to. But even the good players get sacked, miss shots, or turnover the ball. It’s always what happens the next play that separate the good from the great though, right?

I did however meet the “minimum” commitments for the day so I have to focus on the positive. I did spend time with my family. I did workout. I did work on myself. I did work on my business. And for all of that, I am grateful. Now to get some rest because tomorrow is a new day and I‘ve got to earn my days off down the road!

Make sure to visit MY PLAN page for ideas on how to create a strategy to grow in every domain of your life. Goodnight and make tomorrow great!