Day 3- Reaching for Failure

If you follow my social media posts, I put up a picture this morning of me sitting in my gym all sweaty talking about, what if we used the “going to failure” mentality in all aspects of our lives? In today’s video I talk about how I am going to start applying this mentality to my business as well as to other aspects of my live. It’s all about giving it all you’ve got and pushing until you can’t push any more. Getting that disciplined mindset to take the hard road knowing that the prize at the end won’t be found with any shortcuts. There is no elevator to success- we have to “Take the Stairs” as one of my favorite authors, Rory Vaden, puts it.

As an update, I got a little caught up in the moment with my video and realized I misspoke… I only need to MEET with 10 prospects a week to accomplish my goals. I don’t even have to take 10 applications. Although that would be even better!